Wedding Day Reminders

Provided By As You Wish Photography

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I wanted to provide you with some additional things to consider leading up to your wedding. Some of these are things you an expect from me and others are things to keep in mind for your wedding day, like Washington's unpredictable weather.

Keep in mind

The Details

What to having ready in a box for me to photograph:
vail/hair piece
rings (all three)
bouquet & bout.
invitation suite
something borrowed & blue,
old & new

Dress will be photographed separately

First Looks

This is ultimately your decision. But if you ask me for my option, I love a first look - but I will support you no matter your choice!

Here are some of the Pros for a first look:
-It allows you to have a private intimate moment with your partner before the ceremony.
-You will get almost all of the artistic photography done before the ceremony.
-You will enjoy more time on your wedding day alongside your partner.
-It may help you get rid of those pre-wedding jitters.

Here are some of the Pros for a more traditional "first look":
-It can be quite a magical moment where all your loved ones see both your reactions at the same time
-Everyone attending your wedding ceremony will get the opportunity to see the moment you first see your partner.
-You have more time to get ready.

Washington Rain

"Rain is good luck on your wedding day" is a very common phrase. To some, it's comforting. But for others it's very stressful. Even the best laid plans can get slammed by Mother Nature, but rainy-day weddings don't have to be a bummer! As long as you've got a solid contingency plan in place, your wedding will be fabulous.

We're going to live in the moment. So if we get blessed with rain on your wedding, let's enjoy the moment and take some cool rainy wedding photos. If you can plan ahead, maybe get some cute umbrellas or invest in some cute white rainboots?

But really, all I need is some good lighting and we can still take fantastic outdoor wedding portraits.

The Ceremony

Here it is! The moment you and everyone has been waiting for! Your fiancé is waiting at the alter. Your bridal party has just walked down. You take a big breath in and begin to walk down the isle. WOW there they are! Everyone can feel the love and emotion. THIS IS THE MOMENT! Live in this moment. I'll be there capturing it all.

Family Formals

We'll be sure to set aside time to take some formal family photos. Before your wedding, I'll send you questionnaire so we can both know which family members will be included and if there are any specific groupings you'd like.

A few photo grouping examples:
-couple with all parents
-couple with siblings & sibling's spouses
-partner 1 with their parents
-partner 2 with their parents
-full bridal party
-couple with partner one's wedding party
-couple with partner two's wedding party
-candid, silly or relaxed shots
-generation photos

Bridal Portraits

All couples are different, but I highly encourage that we set aside 30 minutes during sunset to take photos. Golden hour is always magical, but this time not only allows you to have a magic moment with your new spouse, we also get to capture it in photographs!

Reception Details

While you're taking some time to relax with family, friends and your new spouse, I'll be running around snapping photos of all your wedding-day details.

These will include:
-the centerpieces
-your cake or other sweets
-all the small details you've included
-wedding signs

When you're ready to continue on with the day, I'll be ready to capture:
-your first dance
-the cake cutting
-money dance
-father-daughter dance
-mother-son dance
-bouquet and guarder toss
-open dancing
-and so much more!

Grand Exits

You're exit should match your style. If you want it to be grand with sparklers or fireworks, let's go big! But some couples might do a "final song" and dance it out with their family and friends before individually saying goodbye to everyone. You can't go wrong with either choice.

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