About Me

I'm Andréa Baber, a wedding photographer in Allyn, WA. While I've lived in Allyn for a year now, I've always lived in the Pacific northwest. I photograph weddings primarily in Western Washington but I'm happy to travel throughout the state. I recently married the love of my life and we're so happy to start this next chapter of our lives!

Why "As You Wish"? 

When I think of the phrase "as your wish", I think of The Princess Bride. My now husband happened to pick this movie for us to watch on one of our first dates - he didn't realize it was my favorite movie. It's a quote that represents the true love shared between the main characters. If you haven't seen the movie, go watch it now!

​This has such significant meaning in mine and my husband's relationship and it has shaped how I see love. My goal is to showcase the true love of each couple which whom I work; capturing their true, unique love in moments they will cherish forever.

A little more about me: 

  • People tend to pronounce my name wrong, so I hope this helps: An-dre-uh Babe-er
  • ​I LOVE dogs and own two English Cream Golden Retrievers named Pepper & Max. If you own a dog we're going to get along just fine!!
  • My husband and I were what he calls a "COVID couple" - meaning our wedding day plans were changed a few times because of the pandemic. But we made it to the alter (in my parent's backyard).
  • My day-drink of choice is a soy chai but I will never pass up a glass of wine and always try a new beer.
  • I'm a proud Washington State University graduate, Go Cougs! Apple Cup 2021 Champs!!
  • I love to travel and explore new places! My favorite place I've visited are Ireland... Germany.... AND Austria. Next stop on my passport is Greece!

Smiling couple with white puppy

My hubby & Pup, Pepper

Woman drinking a beer

Beer tasting in Munich, Germany

Couple on their wedding day

Our big day! Photo-@Rachelristinephoto

Woman smiling while riding a bike

I like to get outside and try different things

What's my "Why"?

Photos tell stories - When I was young, I loved looking at my mother's photo albums with her. The photos would tell me stories about her life and she'd tell additional stories based on the photos; I cherish those moments listening to her past. I am a photographer because I want to help couples create lasting memories so they can share those photos and retell the stories with others for years to come.

Having had experienced my own wedding planning struggles during COVID-19, my job as your wedding photographer is to make this process as relaxing as possible. When you're relaxed as a couple, you can just be you. You can enjoy every second while feeling confident that those very real moments that you're having will be saved forever; creating lasting stories for the two of you to share.


I don't shy away from colors. I love showcasing the bold statement they can make in a photograph. The colors can be in the clothes you're wearing or highlighting the colors in nature.

When I edit photos, I don't use crazy filters just because they are trendy. My goal is to provide you with photos that are timeless, so you can share them with your family and friends for years to come. I would describe my photography style as "true to life".

I capture those real moments that you experience with the ones you love. Yes, at one point we'll do traditional portraits but besides that, you won't even know I'm there. You'll be living in the moment and I'll be along for the ride providing you with snapshots of your favorite memories.