Printing Guide

Taking photos is just the first step! Make sure those photos don’t waste away on a hard drive never to be seen. Studies have even show that displaying family photos in the home as a positive impact on self-esteem! How awesome is that?!? Your all-inclusive session comes with a print release that allows you to print anywhere of your choosing, but as your photographer, I need to give you some tips to get the best printed photos you can outside of a professional print lab.

I highly encourage couples to not only keep your photos on your phone, but to print them to display in your home. The Deluxe & Classic Wedding packages come with print credits. This can be use in your online gallery's print shop. It would be a shame to let that print credit disappear!

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Aspect Ratios & Cropping

Aspect ratio is related to the size of the image you print. Most people print 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc. If you look closely at your files, you will notice that none of those ratios match your photos. I crop all of your photos to a 5x7 ratio. This means that all photos will be cropped to a size that you'd typically print out. I would still encourage you to verify the final crop of your image before checking out and pushing the order through to the printer. I try to ensure that there’s enough room around your family in the images so that no important parts are chopped off by different sized crops.

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Nielsen

Budget Print Labs

Professional labs constantly calibrate their printers to ensure correct color and sharpness and overall quality. Budget, convenience labs, such as Walgreens, Target, Costco, etc. do not have the same quality standards and the prints reflect the difference. Your gallery was delivered via PassPlus, an online ordering platform; if you choose to order through the gallery, those prints will be printed through my preferred professional print labs. If you choose to print on your own elsewhere, I highly encourage you to use a consumer lab associated with a professional lab as they will have many of the same quality control mechanisms in place to ensure you receive top quality products. I recommend, which is the consumer lab associated with my preferred professional labs. As mentioned in the print release, I can only guarantee the quality of prints ordered directly though me in your online gallery.

Rachel Nielsen breaks down the comparison nicely for you on the Click Blog.

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Professionally edited by As You Wish Photography

Large Prints & Wall Art

The larger you print, the more the details in the image matter and the more the quality of the print matters. Any print I order is sharpened individually based on the size and the print medium. A 4”x 6” glossy print requires a different preparation than a 30” x 40” canvas. While sharpening for print isn’t always necessary for small prints, it is essential for large prints, which is why I recommend ordering wall art through me so I can optimize the image for the desired outcome as well as print through a professional lab for the best results. I cannot guarantee the quality of prints larger than 8” x 10” that aren’t individually prepared for print.

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Photo has an Instagram filter - Please don't do this

Image Manipulation

Your contract with As You Wish Photography explicitly prohibits any alterations to the image files. Editing any aspect of the image is not allowed. I cannot guarantee the quality or color of an print or product if the files are altered. Please refrain from adding filters to images when sharing to social media. These images are a representation of my work and many clients will book me based on my "true-to-life" editing style. If a photo is altered on your social media and you've tagged me, I could lose out on potential clients.

Digital Downloads

Your all-inclusive session with As You Wish Photography includes a digital download of your full gallery. Please download the images promptly and back them up in a secure location such as a backup, external hard drive, or cloud storage…or even better, BOTH!!! Digital storage can fail, and it is highly recommended to backup all images in at least two isolated locations. Digital galleries are available for download for 90 days after which files are archived for 6 months. As You Wish Photography is not responsible for any images lost once the gallery has expired and the archival period has passed.

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