Love, Sunshine, & Tradition

Picture this: a sunny July day in Port Orchard, Washington, where love took center stage at the charming Cedar Springs venue. With the sun's warmth kissing every moment, the scene was set by a tranquil lake, home to a cute white boat fondly known as "the newlywed." Amidst this idyllic setting, a wedding unfolded, sprinkled with the magic of a traditional Thai water pouring ceremony that added a special touch of cultural significance.

As the couple exchanged their vows, a unique twist graced the celebration – a traditional Thai water pouring ceremony. This beautiful ritual, symbolizing unity and blessings, added a layer of depth and cultural reverence to the day. They each had a ceremonial headdress (มงคล [Mong Kol]) , made from one piece of cotton that signified the joining of the couple, placed upon their heads by their mothers. With each drop of water poured from a conch shell onto their hands, loved ones took turns sharing well wishes and advice to the couple as merged their lives and families, creating a memory as profound as it was beautiful.

Amidst the laughter and heartfelt exchanges, the day unfolded in a series of radiant moments. As the sun set on this magical day, it left behind memories that will forever shine, just like the love that brought two souls together amidst the beauty of Cedar Springs.

Venue: Cedar Springs Wedding & Events // Planning: CME Experience // DJ: DJ Z Entertainment // Caterer: Island Soul Rum Bar & Soul Shack // Bartender: Kitsap Bartending Services // Linens: Kitsap Chair Covers