Peach Dream | Spring Wedding Inspiration

Nestled in the charming town of Ravensdale, WA, Ravenwood Farm is a hidden gem that captures the essence of rustic elegance. As a photographer, I had the privilege of working with this enchanting venue where nature's beauty merges seamlessly with architectural splendor. Get ready to be inspired by the Peach Dream styled shoot, infused with the vibrant energy of butterflies, and celebrating the love story of a captivating couple of color that was planned and designed by Ari's Dream Creations.

Ravenwood Farm offers a truly unique and picturesque setting for weddings and special events. The magnificent white barn stands as a striking centerpiece, exuding timeless elegance against the backdrop of nature's splendor. With its classic architecture and serene surroundings, the venue provides the perfect canvas for couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and refined beauty. Adjacent to the white barn, a lush garden awaits, enveloping guests in a world of natural serenity. Vibrant blooms and verdant foliage create an enchanting atmosphere, evoking a sense of romance and whimsy. The glass-house greenhouse, with its delicate interplay of light and shadows, serves as a captivating backdrop for intimate moments and dreamy portraits.

Further exploring Ravenwood Farm, you'll discover a secluded ceremony space that embraces the tranquility of the surrounding forest. Couples can exchange their vows in the midst of towering trees, serenaded by the gentle whispers of nature. The rustic charm of this ceremony space adds an organic touch, allowing love to bloom in harmony with the enchanting woodland ambiance.

The Peach Dream styled shoot at Ravenwood Farm captured the essence of romance and beauty. The theme of shades of soft peach, cream, and gold, the colors symbolized love, tenderness, and new beginnings. Butterflies, gracefully fluttering amidst the scene, represented transformation and the ethereal nature of love.

The bride and groom, a radiant engaged couple of color, brought their unique story and vibrant energy to the Peach Dream styled shoot. With their undeniable chemistry and authentic connection, they beautifully embodied love, grace, and strength.

Thise Peach Dream styled shoot, with its delicate butterfly motifs and the love story of a captivating couple of color, exemplifies the magic that can be captured in this extraordinary setting. Ravenwood Farm is not just a venue; it is a canvas for dreams, where love and nature intertwine to create a truly memorable experience.If you are a couple seeking a venue that embodies timeless beauty and celebrates the uniqueness of your love story, Ravenwood Farm, awaits your presence. Step into a world where dreams become reality, and let your love story unfold against the backdrop of this exquisite venue.

You'll notice that this gallery is still bright and true-to-life but I've added a touch of a film element to my editing. I hope you enjoy!

Venue: Ravenswood Farm // Planning & Design: Ari's Dream Creations // Florist: Cosmic Lilly Design // Hair & Makeup: K.Marina Beauty // Cake: Sweet Moments by Angelica // Videographer: Kaneri Films// Bartender: Kitsap Bartending Services// Models: Irada & Travis// Rentals: Ustinov Rentals // Dress: Elite Dress Bridal // Guest & Vow Books: Copper Cloud Creative Co// Live Butterflies: Swallow Tail Farms//