How to prepare for your engagement session

Welcome beautiful couples! I wanted to share a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your engagement session.

  1. Location | Choosing a location can feel dauting. I suggest picking a location that has meaning to you, your relationship or has a connection for where you see your relationship going. This allows for it to become more than just a place to take photos. For my couples having trouble coming up with a location, I have a list of places I can provide to help in the choosing process.
  2. Timing | I've been asked multiple times why I encourage couples to schedule their engagement session during golden hour. The reason is that dreamy, golden lighting that you get in the last few hours of the day. It's soft and warm and your final photos look stunning!
  3. Style | Picking outfits can be so stressful. There's no need to go out an buy new clothes unless you really want to. If you're questioning your choices, let's hope on FaceTime and I can give you some suggestions. Also, consider this - two outfits! This can give you different options and the opportunity to dress up and dress casual!

I hope this gives you some helpful tips when thinking about your engagement session. When it doubt, reach out to your photographer; I'd love to help provide guidance and clarity to what your session will look like. Congratulations again on your engagement!